Setup Wallet

There are many different dedicated wallets you can use to participate in The Moonlite ICO. In this section, we are going to run through using the wallet MyEtherWallet.

MyEtherWallet (MEW):

Creating a MEW wallet:
When you first arrive at MEW you will be greeted by the main page where you will want to create a new strong password – one you won’t forget!

After creating the password make sure to download your keystore file. Go ahead, and make sure you save this somewhere safe (on a flash drive hidden away is a good option).

The next page will prompt you to store your private key (be very careful with this as it gives anyone with the key access to your funds). We recommend printing this off and storing it somewhere safe where nobody will find it.

You have now created your dedicated wallet using MEW.

To view your wallet and its contents, open your Keystore/JSON file and enter in the password you created earlier.

You should end up on a screen where you can see your account address, balance and re-download your keystore and paper wallets.

Sending Ether from Localethereum to MEW:
To send ETH from a localethereum wallet to a MEW you will need:

  • ETH stored in your localethereum wallet.
  • A dedicated wallet receiving address which you can find here:

To send Ether to your MyEtherWallet, start by clicking on your account balance in the top right corner of Localethereum.

Here, you can enter the address of your MEW. Make sure you have triple checked your receiving account address before sending.